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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • Why 12 Million Consumers Are About to See Their Credit Scores Dramatically Improve!
    Dan Sater shares why 12 million + consumers might be getting a major score boost this July.
  • 7 Steps For Rebuilding Credit
    When many people think about credit repair, they think about “ removing negative“ from their credit report. Unfortunately, they stop there. What those people are missing is that there is more to improving your credit score than just removing negative items. A portion of your score consists of credit utilization, for instance. So while removing [...]
  • 3 Credit Experts Share…
    As you and I both know there is a ton of free credit building and repair information out there. But how do we separate or know whats valid, useful information and whats a scam, outdated, or just plain wrong? Luckily thats one of our goals. To find, create, and distribute highly effective and actionable information [...]

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Credit Repair Conspiracy - Part 1 (The Banks)

How Banks Make Money

When you deposit money in an interest earning account at a bank, they pay you a small amount of money as interest on your deposit. If you have had a savings account at any time in the past several years, you know that the interest you get paid isn't a lot. In the last 10 years the range has probably been from 1-5%, depending on the type of account and the bank.

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