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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • What Is The C.R.I. Random Dispute Generator?
    You know you need to work on improving your credit today so you can get a steal of a deal on a Car, Home (or credit card) tomorrow, right? After all “The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare For It… as those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.” What [...]
  • The 26 Year Foreclosure
    How would you like to live in your home for free? Well, almost… Patsy Campbell has not made a mortgage payment on her home for 26 years. Yes, I said 26 years. Almost every Real Estate Attorney agrees it is the longest foreclosure case in America… and probably the WORLD for that matter. Miss Campbell [...]
  • Too Many Victims… Not Enough Ambulances…
    This post might upset some people, but that is NOT my goal.  My goal is to reflect on what a lack of common sense and personal responsibility is developing in our civilization and how you can benefit from it. Click here for video version: You see, our society (as a whole) simply has; “Too [...]

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Credit Repair Conspiracy - Part 2 (The Bureaus)

In part 1 of our "Credit Repair Conspiracy" series, we talked about how the banks make money, and how they can make MORE money from consumers with BAD CREDIT.

In order to find the most profitable consumers to make offers to, the banks need to have a pool of data that includes the types of consumers they are looking for (i.e. consumers with "sub-prime" credit.)

And that is where the credit bureaus come in.

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