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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • What is The Members-Only Forum
    What are you doing right now? Maybe you are sitting enjoying your morning beverage and thinking about the day ahead; maybe you are reading this looking for ways to get that house, apartment, or car that you need and want. And maybe you are just looking for a great way to build credit. We can’t [...]
  • Chip Cards- What Are They? And Why Are We Using Them?
    You may have noticed over the last few months a transition of your credit and or debit cards. Recently new regulation was passed that required card issuers and financial institutions to issue EMV chip cards. EMV stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. This method of payment became the world standard almost ten years ago now [...]
  • Working on Boosting Your Credit? Understand this New Scoring System
    What Some Recent Changes to the FICO Score Mean for You! But Only If You Know How To Take Advantage Of The Changes Recently Fair Isaac Corp, the company behind the FICO Credit Score, decided to redefine what it will include in calculating your score.  The new Score will be called the FICO 9 and [...]

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Can I Do A Better Job Fixing My Credit Myself?

Can you really do a better job fixing your credit yourself?

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