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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • Credit Building, Credit Repair, Credit Counseling and Debt Reduction/Negotiation – What’s The Difference? And What Do YOU Need to Know?
    When you realize that you have problems with your credit – whether it’s from late payments, bad student loans, or a lost job, you start noticing that everyone has an opinion and a solution. In most instances, rebuilding your credit, paying down your debt and regaining your financial freedom starts with “credit repair.” Credit Repair [...]
  • Can You Ever Quickly Boost Your Credit Score?
    Yes….and in some cases as much as 50 Points And Almost Instantly…But You Might Need To Do A Few Things First There are many real and mythical credit score “boosting techniques” that are taught and/or tatted. But, according to Rob Ellerman, President of Dispute Suite, Inc. this is the only one verified to work–Raising the [...]
  • Holiday Credit Balance Got You and Your FICO Score Down?
    Your Best Strategies for Balance Transfers, Debt Reduction and Credit Card Issues After The Holidays Now that they’re over (the holidays) and the fun and merriment of both giving and receiving gifts has become a thing of the past has your holiday cheer started to turn to anxiety and worry over racking up a larger [...]

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Credit Repair Conspiracy - Part 1 (The Banks)

How Banks Make Money

When you deposit money in an interest earning account at a bank, they pay you a small amount of money as interest on your deposit. If you have had a savings account at any time in the past several years, you know that the interest you get paid isn't a lot. In the last 10 years the range has probably been from 1-5%, depending on the type of account and the bank.

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