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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • [Live Better In 2017] Credit and The New Year
    The new year is upon us and that means family time, celebration, and new years resolutions. This might mean that you have the desire to have better credit and keep more of your own money. Or you might want to buy a house and qualify for a mortgage that fits your budget. No matter what [...]
  • $6 Billion+ Made Off You and Me. And I’m Not Happy!
    I’m NOT happy about what I have to tell you. I honestly looked like this kid getting a bath. Luckily I calmed myself down enough to tell you about it. Ok so I don’t often rant. Especially in a blog post. But when someone sent me this article (now almost 9 months old) I was [...]
  • Working on Better Credit? What You Need To Know About Writing Better Dispute Letters
    Here at CR Publishing we are dedicated to helping you to build great credit. But what if you’ve already had a problem and you’re trying to repair or improve a less than stellar FICO or credit score? Well, some people prefer to learn about the system and to gradually and effectively improve their own credit. [...]

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Removing A Tax Lien

If you want to remove a federal tax lien from your credit report, the first thing you need to realize is that the IRS isn't going to remove or release the lien until it has been satisfied (paid) or has become unenforceable under the law.

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