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Credit Repair Intelligence System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System


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  • What is the Debt Free Bible?
    Debt isn’t always your fault. But we all know its hard to get rid of once its there. Often it is hard to pin point one area of debt or credit repair to start. That is why when the Credit Repair Intelligence System was created it covered multiple topics. Its just the nature of the [...]
  • What Law Actually Makes The Creditors Listen?
    There is a lot of confusion about how the the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) can be used in the credit repair and credit building process. The FCBA is really a part of the more extensive Truth in Lending Act and it regulates how creditors are supposed to behave and allows you the right to [...]
  • Your Credit Score Can Benefit From More- But Only So Far
    It’s true, a healthy mix of credit can boost your score… but get too many cards or carry balances and it starts to lower your score. To learn more and how to improve your score read on… Consumer credit scores clearly take into account the “mix” of credit types and items consumers have on their [...]

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Is Credit Repair Legal?

There is no doubt that the numerous dishonest acts of many credit repair companies and certain individuals have given credit repair a bad name.

When reviewing information about credit repair from government websites and pamphlets, the word "scam" is usually in close proximity.

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