Credit Secrets The Banks, Credit Bureaus and Collection Agencies DON'T Want You to Know!

You're just seconds from learning the powerful truth about...

  • DICK and JANE: How Jane saved $141,000 on a $200,000 home by doing what Dick didn’t! (note to self; don’t be a Dick).
  • ACCURATE INFORMATION: Can accurate information be legally deleted from your credit report? (The facts speak for themselves.)
  • THE FASTEST WAY: To raise your credit score without haggling with the credit bureaus!
  • CHARGE-OFFS: The two things you need to know about how they can be deleted.
  • COLLECTION ACCOUNTS: Paid vs. unpaid and a different strategy for each which few talk about.
  • LATE-PAYS: The facts and fallacies of how consumers approach them for deletion!
  • BANKRUPTCY: Why having it deleted can actually lower your score if you don’t know this one fact!
  • IS THIS LEGAL?: Yes! And why the banks love you feeling “in the dark” that it isn’t!
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  • FREE CREDIT REPORT: How to get it in 60 seconds online with no credit card required!
  • $50,000 in 15 Minutes: How to do it with no credit check and no cosigner!
  • 30 MINUTES A DAY: The system to use to improve your credit in only 30 minutes (or less) per day!
  • eOscar and OCR: What these words mean and why you need to know about them!
  • LIES! LIES! LIES!: The three biggest lies about credit in the mainstream media and why you shouldn’t believe them!
  • SCORE MATTERS: Why 90% of lending decisions are made on the one special credit score the credit bureau isn’t giving you!
  • TWO SECRETS: Everyone misses when doing credit repair.
  • THE TRUTH: About doing “credit repair” yourself and what the banks and credit bureaus don’t want you to know!
  • CREDIT RACISM: What it is. How it’s holding you down and... what you can do about it!
  • CREDIT BOZO: Why you should never pay off your credit cards in full when looking to build credit!
  • CREDIT LETTERS: Why they are a joke and should be avoided!
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  • I.D. THEFT SECRET: How to protect yourself for free in less than 60 minutes with nothing but your telephone and 3 simple steps!
  • CREDIT BOOKS: Why they’re a joke and doom you to struggle!
  • CREDIT REPAIR COMPANIES: Three facts you should really know before hiring one!
  • CPN NUMBERS: Why the people selling them are ripping you off (and laughing after they do!).
  • CREDIT REPAIR FAIL!: Why most programs fail you when trying to improve your credit score!
  • C.R.I. SYSTEM: Why the Credit Repair Intelligence System is the Ultimate Solution for you to improve your credit score fast!
  • LOVE and SEX: Why and how your credit score is affecting your dating opportunities and your sex life!
  • CREDIT LOSER: Why the banks smile if you do nothing about your credit score and continue to be one!
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