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Can a credit repair company guarantee results? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is like a brain surgeon guaranteeing that you will not die on the operating table. Any credit repair company that promises that they can increase your credit score or specifically remove negative information from your credit report is lying for two reasons.

First, the law states that credit repair companies CANNOT GUARENTEE RESULTS. They can explain what they hope to accomplish and how they will go about achieving it, but they cannot GUARANTEE to remove negative items from your credit report. There is no formal training or education required to own a credit repair company. This means that you take your chances when you hire one.

Even if you do locate a credit repair company with years of experience in the industry, they cannot guarantee results. While there exist many ethical and competent credit repair companies, there are many more that are fly by night companies. For years, the unscrupulous credit repair companies made promises that they could not deliver on. As a result, the FTC intervened and set up guidelines to protect consumers from unethical credit repair companies.

The second reason that credit repair companies cannot guarantee results is because it is an arbitrary process, that is not based on any hard and fast rules. Credit repair is contingent upon the system used and the experience of the person doing the repairing. Even the most well intentioned credit repair professional may not achieve any results if they are not using a top rated credit repair system. Unfortunately, there are many credit repair systems in existence that are ineffective and outdated.

The only way to guarantee results is by using a credit repair system that combines well written materials that are up to date, and offer additional support to get you through the process. You do not have to be a credit repair professional to obtain a credit repair system of this caliber. Any consumer can purchase quality credit repair systems, for A FRACTION OF THE COST of hiring a credit repair company.

Before you hand over a thousand dollars to a credit repair company for services that cannot be guaranteed, consider repairing your own credit. Tens of thousands of consumers just like you are repairing their own credit for a FRACTION of the cost and with BETTER results.

It is recommended that you choose a credit repair system that offers more than credit repair form letters. An effective credit repair system comes complete with current and specific dispute strategies, up to date practices on specific creditors and credit reporting agencies and ongoing support. There are few credit repair systems on the market today that offer a credit repair package with all of these essential elements.


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