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The Department of Corrections and…

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The meditations at the beginning drive me insane but once he starts talking it’s REALLY good. There are a lot of people who come off like Tony Robbins or other “rah rah” pump you up speakers but…

…There is almost no one who emulates (or imitates) Marc Allen.


The title of this email/post is:

“The Department of Corrections and who the TSA Should Really be Scanning”

It all started when I was enjoying a draft beer down in Reno at the Great Basin Brewing Company (Not a big fan of Reno but the beer and food at this place is incredible!  I like the Nevada Gold).   Learn more here:


I end up talking to this guy who works for the Department of Corrections over in California (Interesting chap, to say the least).  So, I had to pop the question…

You see, being self employed in this ever changing market place I always have yearned for the security a state job could bring; not to mention the sweet Pension.  Did I mention many CA Correction Officers retire with over $80,000+ per year?

So, I ask him “Man, it must be a good feeling going to sleep knowing you’ve got job security and a killer pension?”

He responded “Yeah, it’s good, but it comes with a price tag few are willing to pay.”

“What’s the first example that comes to mind?” I replied.

(Then he told me a story I’ll never forget, nor will you after today).

He explained “I want you to imagine 10 convicts in a room with us.  Now, we ask em all to strip down to nothing and put their hands up against the wall.”

I interrupted “I DON’T like the sound of this!”

“Wait, I’m not done yet” he responded.  “Now, we tell them to ‘spread em” and I ain’t talking about their feet, ok?”

“Oh God!” I blurted out.

“Wait… wait…  I’m not done yet.” He says.  “Then, with plastic gloves you gotta search em, ok?  Are  you with me?” he asks.

“You can stop right there.  That’s enough!” I said.

“Wait!  I’m not done yet” he replies.

Then, when you’re “searching” one of them…

(WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  WARNING!!! If you are easily offended do NOT keep reading…  YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY WARNED!)

He continued “Then, when you’re searching one of them you hit what feels like a small brick.  And now you gotta tell the inmate to let go of it.  I mean, you gotta YELL AT HIM…. LET GO OF IT!”

(At this point I realized I had opened up a conversation I wish I had never started but at the same time I was curious.)

So, I asked him the natural thing anyone in my shoes would ask “What was it?  What did he have?”

He took a sip of his beer and like it was nothing grinned at me and said “He was trying to get a cell phone in.”

“A CELL PHONE!?  A CELL PHONE!?” I shouted.

“You gotta be kidding me!” I replied.

“Do I look like I’m kidding” he responded.  Then he followed up with “I might be able to get you’re a job if you’re interested.”

To say the least…  people in the Department of Corrections EARN their money.  Just try their job for a day if you’re at all “Curious.”

But this got me thinking…  we’ve got all these scanners at the airports exposing people to radiation who aren’t even a potential threat.  Not even .01% are a threat I bet.


Why the heck doesn’t the TSA Scan inmates?  I mean, doesn’t that make a whole lot more sense?

After all, the United Kingdom is now doing it:

But what’s this have to do with Credit?

It illustrates that fact the NO ONE IS IMMUNE to the cost of a low credit score.  The guy from the department of corrections had gone through a divorce which destroyed his credit years ago.  But that WASN’T the real problem?

The real problem was one you might be experiencing.

He had done NOTHING to restore his rating and as a result (despite his incredible income) was unable to qualify for a major loan he needed…  a major LIFE CHANGING LOAN I might add.

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