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Too Many Victims… Not Enough Ambulances…

This post might upset some people, but that is NOT my goal.  My goal is to reflect on what a lack of common sense and personal responsibility is developing in our civilization and how you can benefit from it.

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You see, our society (as a whole) simply has;

“Too Many Victims and Not Enough Ambulances…”

In this scenario you, as a part of society, have two primary choices in most crisis situations (such as the foreclosure crisis):

1.) Lie in the street, bleeding and waiting for an ambulance to save you.


2.) Don’t even play the bleeding victim in the street in the first place.

Let me explain…

Recently I heard a guy with one of the fastest growing talk shows in America talk about how people were losing their homes due to what he referred to as “NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN” and…

…after they lost their homes their credit would be shot and then getting a job was difficult because employers were looking at their FICO Scores.  To the talk show host this was “Unjust” and “UnFair” and something had to be done!

I don’t know about you, but in my personal philosophy I have to laugh and disagree.

Here’s why:

The world in which we live has rules.  These rules (while we may not always like or agree with them) cannot be bent or broken (at least not the vast majority of them anyways).

These are rules like:

1.) You can’t make someone truly love you (though websites like this might lead you to believe otherwise or

2.) You can’t change who your parents or siblings are.

3.) You can’t change your past experiences or what has happened to you.

You see, there are inherent risks in life we are FORCED to accept (whether we agree with them or not).  This is because these are universal laws .

For example, being born has the inherent risk you could end up with cancer or some other terminal disease (and be forced to accept it).

Being  in love comes with the inherent risk your lover may wake up one day and not be” in love” with you anymore and again, you’ll be forced to accept it (and websites like this one are geared for that: )

Now, there are many things we do in life with extreme risk which we don’t even think about.  Like:

1.) Driving on two lane roads where nothing but a “four inch line of paint” is keeping the other person from going into our lane and maiming or killing us.

2.) Eating food from sources which could be tainted and cause us to get sick or die.

3.) Engaging in other high risk sports like mountain biking, motocross or even skiing which can lead to serious injuries.

However, when it comes to the risk of taking on debt (like a home mortgage) many people fail to take responsibility for the risk they are taking on; especially if the mortgage was an adjustable one.

Think about this for a moment…   I mean REALLY think about this.

What if everyone in the country just said “NO” to signing up for any adjustable rate mortgage?  What if everyone only bought homes with 30 year fixed mortgages?

What kind of shape do you think the housing market (and the Nation) would be in today?

After all, why would anyone buy using a an adjustable rate mortgage?  The adjustable mortgage has far more risk.  In fact, it is a clear fact that if everyone had bought their home during the housing boom with a  30 year fixed mortgage the country would not be in nearly the mess it’s in today.

Sure, many real estate industrialists may argue otherwise and so will many consumer advocates with nonsense like:

I’d didn’t realize what I was signing!

They rushed me through the process and misled me!

We all have learned lessons from listening to dumb or untrustworthy people.  Also…

Many of us, when young, were offered rides from parties with drunk drivers or even offered hardcore drugs AT THE PARTY but it was “common sense” and a little “caution” combined with responsibility which made us say no (that is, if you did say no).

And, of course, we learned lessons from those that got into those drugs.

So, whenever we find ourselves in a scenario that we got ourselves into, even if it involves circumstances beyond our control, we have two choices:

1.) Lie in the street, bleeding and wait for an ambulance to save us.


2.) Don’t play the bleeding victim in the street in the first place.

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