About Us – Credit Repair Publishing

About Us

We Are CR Publishing And We Want To Equip You With The Power To Conquer The Faceless Banks, Credit Bureaus, And Debt Collectors So You Can Maintain Your Ideal Lifestyle.

Who Is CR Publishing?

CR Publishing is the creator and publisher of the Credit Secrets Bible, now known as, The Credit Repair Intelligence System. For over 20 years we have provided tens of thousands of people just like you with the power, knowledge, and wisdom to live the life that they want to live without the burden of a low or damaged credit score or crushing debt.

What We Do

We’ve spent years researching, tens of thousands of dollars, and countless more hours working with industry experts to take the guess work out of building, repairing, or rebuilding your own credit. With so much outdated, wrong, or even illegal information on the internet, on free forums, and even on some credit repair companies websites we want to provide a place for proven and tested information that actually helps you achieve a life where you control your credit not the other way around.

Why We Do It

We are NOT a credit repair company. But we are here to be your personal credit building and debt reduction team! We believe that everyone, including you, deserves great credit and the chance to actually live the life that you deserve and want. The credit system is confusing and its designed to be hard to navigate. We also believe that you work hard to earn a living and we want you to keep that hard-earned money not give it to the big faceless banks that profit from low credit scores. Being able to help you keep more of your own money and build great credit is extremely rewarding for us.