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INTRODUCING: The Credit Repair Intelligence System

Only you can imagine how it will feel when you can finally get rid of crippling debt, beat the faceless banks and credit bureaus, and have great credit.


A BattleTested And Proven System

The Credit Repair Intelligence System has been around since 1994. Tens of thousands of people just like you have used it to build, repair, and rebuild their credit, get out of debt, or even buy the house of their dreams.


3 Success Components Designed For YOU

1: The Credit Repair Intelligence Guide

We actually guide you step-by-step through the modern credit system, what your credit reports are telling you, and how your credit is scored. Then we move together into disputing inaccurate information and adding positive accounts to your credit report for powerful credit building.

2: The Member's Only Forum

The real power of the Credit Repair Intelligence Systems comes with The Members-Only Forum. The forum (which we started in 2007) is not just a searchable database but it gives you access to others just like you and me that are actually using the Credit Repair Intelligence System, sharing whats working, whats not working, and what they are doing to find success. And UNLIMITED access to our Nationally Recognized Credit Expert, Dan Sater, who's been in the industry for over 20 years and personally answers all of your questions.

3: The Random Dispute Generator

Need to write disputes? Want to beat the faceless and greedy credit bureaus? Thats why we give you access to the Random Dispute Generator. This technology has been used by credit repair companies for years and they have kept it to themselves! There isn't a consumer credit repair system out there that gives you access to such a powerful, credit bureau beating, software! And we give unlimited access to all our Platinum Members!

What Levels of Membership Are There?

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Become A Green Member

The Green Membership is built for the independent self improver. You've had success already and all you need is just the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide. We ship the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide directly to your doorstep with a quick start guide to help you take action and track your progress.

Become A Gold Member

Gold Members get their own copy of the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide and unlimited access to the Member's Only Forum. You might not need to dispute anything but adding positive accounts and doing it the right way can be powerful to achieving the right score.

Become A Platinum Member

Need to write effective disputes? The Platinum Membership comes with a copy of the Credit Repair Intelligence Guide, unlimited access to the Member's Only Forum, and unlimited access to The Random Dispute Generator.

Meet Dan Sater

Dan has been involved in Credit Restoration since 1997. He is one of a handful of experts in the country that has cracked the secrets on the inner workings of the FICO Credit Risk Scoring Model. How it gives and takes away points from your credit scores. Dan is the person that many other Credit Repair Companies go to for answers. He is also an Expert Witness on Expert Reports, Depositions and giving Expert Testimony!

Choose A Membership And Build Great Credit!

Green Member

$99Per Year
$99Per Year
  • Get your very own Credit Repair Intelligence Guide and access to The Green Report for just $95
  • The Credit Repair Intelligence Guide
  • Green Membership Card/Benefits
  • NO Forum Access
  • NO Dispute Generator Access

Gold Member

$45Per Month
$45Per Month
  • Our most popular option is for those that are serious about building credit and need access to the forum and our experts
  • The Credit Repair Intelligence Guide
  • Gold Membership Card/Benefits
  • Gold Member Benefits
  • Unlimited Forum Access
  • NO Dispute Generator Access

Platinum Member

$55Per Month
$55Per Month
  • Platinum is our highest level of membership. Need to write multiple disputes? The Random Dispute Generator can help
  • The Credit Repair Intelligence Guide
  • Platinum Report
  • Unlimited Forum Access
  • Unlimited Dispute Generator Access
  • Platinum Help Desk
  • Platinum Member Benefits