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The Debt Free Bible

Looking for the FASTEST WAY out of debt? Then the Debt Free Bible is your roadmap to freedom and here's why; unlike other "get out of debt programs" the Debt Free Bible doesn't force you to use a single system or strategy. We have researched and developed over 19 strategies all designed to work for you quickly!

Financial experts know there is no ONE SYSTEM to become debt free which will work best for everyone everytime. So the Debt Free Bible gives you over "19 Get Out of Debt Strategies" in ONE Manual so that you can use the one that's best for you. It may be hard to believe, but we spent nearly 2 years and over $25,000 developing the Debt Free Bible so you don't have to spend that money or learn by trial and error. We just hand you the answers

Here's just some of what you'll discover on the journey to being debt free:

  • 43 places you can find UNCLAIMED MONEY to get out of debt fast! (page 253)
  • Use the "Method Matrix" to compare 19 get out of debt methods and pick the best one specifically for you (page 222)
  • Discover how to get one bank pay off another bank with the "IR Method" (page 163)
  • How to use the "Overflow Method" pay off any of your debts even faster (page 159)
  • How to pay off your bills FASTER with no extra money using the "RR Strategy" (page 167)
  • Why the "LBF Technique" gives you a psychological advantage to become debt free (page 169)
  • Why the "HIF Method" should be used FIRST on debts over 24% interest (page 171)
  • How the "Division Method" and a calculator can get you debt free 8 YEARS SOONER than you thought possible (page 173)
  • Pay off your mortgage in only 6 YEARS with the "AP Strategy" Skeptical? I would be too...

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